Beyond Thai Massage

Upon registration, set up your six,

4-hour, hands-on class sessions

with Johanna

Add effective, mat-based techniques that save your hands and relieve your clients' pain from repetitive-strain injuries and increase range of motion.

Johanna shares with you the results of over thirty years of movement arts practices, touching bodies and studies in Thai, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicinal theory as  you treat soft-tissue conditions in this 27-hour course, taught in person, with digital supplementation.


Fluency in East Asian holistic systems of medicine will be used to develop and implement a treatment plan, all while being able to explain and chart in clinical, Western terminology, making your treatments a part of an effective, integrated plan of treatment for clients.

Techniques will be taught and practiced on the floor, on a mat, but can be adapted for work on a table. Methods of assessment and treatment for common shoulder, neck, back and hip issues will be demonstrated and practiced. Each lesson will review relevant anatomy, agonist and antagonist muscle groupings, and methods to reach the desired outcome- pain relief and greater range of motion- for each constitution.

Due to covid, this course is taught in six 4-hour in-person, one-on-one (or very small-group) private lessons, dates TBD with instructor. Upon registration, you will be contacted to set up your dates of study with Johanna. Continuing education hours certificates will be awarded in PDF and print format upon course completion.


Tuition -  $550, includes six 4-hour hands-on private lessons and digital support

Power of Anatomy


Relieve pain, increase range of motion and prevent repetitive strain injuries for yourself and your clients by using applied knowledge of muscles, their actions and attachments, as applicable to the specific body you are treating. Participants will complete two case studies, treating themselves and another person throughout the 7-week course. Students will learn how to collect, prepare and present documentation showing progression of treatment. Each week Johanna reviews anatomy sections in detail with an emphasis on the actions relevant to class enrollees and how they use their bodies. Via interactive live lecture, demonstrations and guided palpation, participants learn self-massage, and  proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques and how to judiciously apply them in order to relieve / prevent discomfort and increase functional strength and flexibility. Tuition is $400.

Herbal Topicals & Compresses

DATES TBD - check back soon for information